About AIA

Australian Internet Advertising is a group of internet marketing specialists, based in Sydney servicing businesses all across Australia. We started in 2013 with the aim of helping Australian business owners navigate their way through the difficult and sometimes perilous world of online marketing.

What We Do

We get results. It’s that simple. Having a beautiful website, seeing yourself at the top of a search results page, engaging with consumers on the display network and having a strong social media presence are all important things but let’s face it. If you don’t get results then there is just no point.

Our Values

Everyone on the team works according to 7 core values:
Honesty and accountability, energy, team work, communication, positivity, respect and the importance of making a real contribution.

Your satisfaction is our success

Before implementing an online marketing campaign we focus on understanding your business first and sharing your vision. Your campaign will be structured specifically to suit your business and get you the results you’re looking for.