5 Potent Online Marketing Strategies To Annihilate Your Competition

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In this surprisingly straightforward report you’ll learn the exact steps taken by Australian online marketing experts that has doubled, quadrupled, and even 20x the profits of Australian businesses just like yours. We are going to share with you our tried, tested, and full proof system that is guaranteed to explode your sales and annihilate your competition. You can use these techniques for virtually any business model and they only require a basic level of experience. The techniques used in this system are perfectly suited for the brutally competitive environment of internet marketing today and will drive huge volumes of leads to your business. If your business is ready to take on an abundance of new leads and customers and monopolize your market online, keep reading and discover the insider secrets used by the super successful internet marketers.


1. Exposure

Escape the abyss of ambiguity and demolish your competition.

It’s all about numbers

In order to get “ready to buy” customers you’re going to need a lot of exposure. The 3% rule states that out of every 100 people that see your business online: 30% will not be interested, 30% don’t need your products or services, 30% are currently shopping around but not yet ready to buy, 7% intend to change soon and 3% are “hot to trot”.

Online marketing target market

Kind of depressing right? Don’t worry, we are going to show you how to turn the odds further in your favour later in the report. Let’s say you’re running an average campaign and this is accurate for now. This means that for every 100 visitors to your website you should be getting 3 enquiries. If you can close 1 out of every 3 enquires and turn them into a customer then you’re looking at a conversion rate of only 1%!

In order to make any online marketing campaign work you’re going to need to stand out BIG TIME. The average click through rate for advertisers using the Google AdWords platform is an appalling 2%! This means that most ads need to be seen 50 times before they are even clicked on once.

Therefore, any average Google AdWords campaign will need to be seen approximately 5000 times before you get even one customer out of it.

The X Factor

In order to avoid being stuck in the mud with the rest of the chumps you need to stand out.

The good news is that using our techniques outlined in this report you’ll be able to get 10X or more the click through rate and conversions. It’s as easy as pie to get noticed and maximise your sales from the same amount of impressions. Here is an example of the standard types of ads you’ll find when you do a search on Google these days for say… “business accountant Sydney”

As you can see these ads are boring and probably going to get something around the standard click through rate of 2%.

“In Google 2% of the advertisers get 50% of the traffic” – Perry Marshall

There are some simple, fun and powerful ways to make your ad stand out. Following these basic principles that can be applied to all of your advertising headlines will make you one of the winning 2%, which gets 50% of the traffic.

It’s all in the headline. 5 times as many people read the headline than the body.

Online marketing strategies



Self Interest


You can use these same techniques when designing and creating your Facebook, LinkedIn, Display Network, Instagram ads, or even your email subject lines.


2. Diversify

Fortify your business. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

The online marketing space is volatile, especially when you are relying on one source of leads to feed to your sales team. Updates and drastic changes are made all the time.


Let’s say you subscribe to a lead aggregating business and start buying leads. Things are going well so you hire some extra staff to take on the increase in work. Business begins to roll along nicely, until… the business you’re buying the leads form starts to double or even triple the cost of the leads. The quality of the leads drastically drops and you find yourself having to drop your prices in order to win the deals.

Before you know it you’re pouring more and more money into the process and find that you have running costs that you are unable to meet, and the excruciating process ahead now having to find a new way to generate leads for your business.


The other risk you run is the medium on which you advertise making mammoth changes to the way their platform works. The mothership Google, decided to scrap 70% of their ad space that was being displayed on the right hand side of their search results page in 2016, sending thousands of advertisers into a frantic scramble trying to regain their lost traffic.

Or, the time when Facebook no longer allowed advertisers to directly target fans of their competitor’s page, also in 2016.

There is only one way to protect your incoming stream of leads that is so important to the growth of your business, DIVERSIFY.

The platforms that you will find to advertise on with the most potential will depend on your business and the industry it’s in, however:

Here is a list of platforms that we have found to be the most successful for virtually every industry and business.


google adwords

google seo

bing yahoo


e-mail marketing

sms marketing

3. measure

Crunch the numbers on the cost per sale.

Enlighten your decisions with data. In order for you to track your return on investment from each advertising medium you will need to track your conversions. This is easier than it sounds and should only take you a few minutes to set up properly. Virtually every online marketing platform comes with its own conversion tracking features that will enable you to easily track how many sales / contact form enquiries / subscribers and phone calls it is providing for your business.

Arguably the most important aspect of any online marketing campaign is the ability to track your return on investment. Knowing how much it costs you to get a sale from each different advertising platform is the single most important piece of information you can possibly have.


An Example of a typical

“cost per sale”


Online marketing cost per sale Facebook
Online marketing cost per sale AdWords
Online marketing cost per sale SEO

The next step is to work out the average value to your business each customer provides. You can do this easily by taking the total value of the sales you have made over the last 6 months and dividing it by the number of sales that were made.

Once you have subtracted the average costs per product / job including your time spent, you will be left with an idea of the net profit that is made on average per sale.

The reason why this is an important metric is so that you can identify the campaigns that are providing a positive return on your investment, and those that are not.

Remember while scaling your business some mediums will be more profitable than others, however as long as it is bringing in a positive R.O.I, it is still worth investing in. Building a strategy that brings in a stream of leads from a diverse range of different campaigns, as long as the return is positive, safeguards your business from finding itself in a very sticky position down the track.

4. remarketing

Stay in touch with your previous and prospective clients using high-powered re-targeting awesomeness.

Have you ever had the experience where you visit a website or a product on a shopping site and you find them following you around everywhere you go for the next 2-6 weeks? You see their banner ads on YouTube, E Bay, Gumtree, and any other large site that is linked to Google’s display network?

This is because you have been tagged as a visitor of their website and added to an audience that allows them to remarket to you for a certain period of time.

Everyone that visits your website, visits for a reason. The average conversion rate for websites is about 1-20%, which means that at least 80 out of every 100 visitors to your site probably won’t convert!

This is the best way to catch the fish that got away. It’s affordable and effective. When you first begin to retarget your audience the costs will be very low, as the audience will only be small. As it grows and the sales come in you can ramp it up.

You can take remarketing even further by uploading a list of your previous customers to Google or Facebook and target them directly. There is also an option that allows these platforms to find other prospects to target, that match the same demographics, interests and behaviors. 


5. stand out

Get creative and don’t be boring.

The best businesses in the world, the leaders in their industries, didn’t get to be where they are today without a little creativity. Some of the best opportunities a business can have online is to think outside the box and have some fun with the way they advertise and market themselves. In an age where every Tom, Dick and Harry spends on average 10 hours on the internet per day, you have plenty of opportunities to find your target market somewhere on the World Wide Web.

So what do you do with that?

With these figures in mind it’s obvious that standing out will be the make or break of your online marketing campaign. Getting creative can be fun, and best of all it will enable you to stand out from your competitors, saving you thousands in advertising by giving your target market a reason to choose you over your competition.

Stand out and get creative in order to show you’re prospects why your the right choice for them. You can use some of the most basic persuasion techniques like Consensus (everyone uses us, here are some case studies), or Authority (we are the best, here are our awards and achievements). Showing your customers social proof, credibility, and having very clear and compelling calls to actions will bring in a deluge of conversions.

Your prospects are going to believe that what you have is the best thing since sliced bread.






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