SEO Factors When Considering Website Redesign

A website redesign is an exciting opportunity for many brands and business owners. Websites today often act as a representative of the company itself, and potential customers might not feel as comfortable bringing their business if the first thing they see is a landing page that looks like it was created back in the 90s.

UX and SEO: How Are They Connected?

SEO used to be very simple. All you needed was a live page, and enough keywords to address any possible user query, no matter if they were relevant to your content or not. Needless to say, these days it’s not so simple. Because Google and other search engines strive to give their users the best experience when using their search …

What Happens To SEO When Changing Domain Name

Whether you’ve come to realise that your current domain name does not represent your brand anymore, are looking for a better domain authority, or are in for an exciting new merger that also implies changing your name, the first concern that comes to people’s minds when a domain name change is coming is this: how badly will the website’s SEO …

When Does SEO Take Effect?

You can have the best marketing strategy in the world, and a lot of money to spend on ads, but all these efforts to grow your business would be in vain if you don’t also work on strengthening your SEO efforts.