Google AdWords: What They are, How They Work, and How to Get Started

Did you know there are almost 2.3 million Google searches taking place per second? More than one billion people use Google search, and most of the search results pages, or SERPs, have Google ads on them. On most SERPs, the first three listings are paid-for ads. Businesses can purchase Google Ads as a way to get their offerings in front …

Google Ads CLick Through Rate

What’s a Good Click-Through-Rate for Google Ads?

Every marketer is looking to improve their metrics for digital marketing campaigns. For Google AdWords especially, tracking and measuring conversions, click through rates, and costs-per-click is critical for Google Ads campaign success. Increasing your metrics is the quickest way to improve the campaign’s performance and the business’s bottom line. So, how can you get a good CTR or good click-through-rate? …

google ads for ecommercef

How to Improve AdWords Campaigns for eCommerce

Are you concerned there’s a glass ceiling for Google AdWords campaigns? If you think your eCommerce business ads have hit it, rest assured, you can breakthrough. When conversion rates have seemed to stall, reviewing your Google ads account is critical. For eCommerce marketing, we’ve put together a list of the most effective strategies for improving your Google shopping ads and …

Google ads conversion tracking

How Do You Track Conversions for Google Ads?

After hours of planning and strategising, you’ve finally got your Google AdWords campaign up and running. It’s generating a ton of clicks. Great! But are those clicks turning into sales? Without conversion tracking, you won’t be able to see if your ads campaigns are actually working or not. Clicks are great, but not if they don’t generate sales. In fact, …

Google Ads Negative Keywords

How to Add Negative Keywords to Your Google Ads Campaigns

When it comes to paid search campaigns, figuring out the best keywords and making a relevant Google AdWords campaign or ad group and landing pages is vital to your marketing success. If you get the ingredients for Google AdWords right, target audience members who enter keyword-rich search queries will be triggering your ads to display.

Google Shopping Ads ROAS Bidding

What’s the ROAS Bid Strategy for Google Shopping Ads?

Google AdWords shopping campaigns make up a large portion of many eCommerce businesses PPC marketing budgets and website traffic. For many, an effective Google AdWords shopping campaign contributes to a large part of their revenue. But for a lot of digital marketing managers, the range of options, importance, and effectiveness of the different Google campaign types is enough to give …