Google Ads Cost

What Do Google Ads Cost?

“I know Google Ads are great, but I hear they’re pretty costly.” Or. “What if I end up paying more than I can afford?” Or. “How much money do you need to advertise on Google Ads?”

How Google Ads

How Google Ads Make Money

You work tirelessly to create a product that meets your audience’s needs and helps them solve a problem. Your website is all set up, your social media is up and running, and you are ready to conquer the world. You launch with excitement and…crickets. You have to scroll all the way to the seventh page of search results to find …

How Google Ads Work

Google Ads is surely a marketing tool you have heard of and you probably know a thing or two about it already. But as a small business owner or blogger, you may feel that you should understand better how Google Ads work and what you can do to optimize the reach of your ads and ROI.

Google Ads Agency

Where to Place Google Ads 

You pour your heart out to create ads that make your audience tick. Your ad copy is par excellence and the CTA is a work of art. But, how much attention are you paying to the placement of your ads on the Google Display Network? Are the websites they are showing up on relevant to your audience or are you …