Google ads

How Much Does Google Ads Cost Per Click?

Roughly 86% of consumers search for a local business online. Today, every business owner knows they have to dedicate part of their resources to make their brand available on the internet, which benefits their existing customers but also helps them acquire new ones.

Programmatic Advertising

What Is Programmatic Advertising Google?

Consumers nowadays want instant gratification. They turn to their mobile devices whenever they need something and expect to find a solution to their problem within seconds. If they are hungry, food delivery services that promise hot food in under 30 minutes are just one click away. If they want to book a flight to an exotic destination, they can do …

Adwords Brisbane

What Are Adwords Impressions?

Those using Google AdWords, or Google Ads as they are now called, know that this tool offers some pretty comprehensive insights into all your efforts. Advertisers have the option of tracking the performance of all their campaigns. But, unless you understand exactly what the numbers express, you can’t actually truly benefit from these perks.