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What Do Facebook Ads Cost

With 2.32 billion monthly active users, it’s easy to understand why so many businesses focus the bulk of their marketing efforts on Facebook. The chances that your target audience is on the social media platform are incredibly high. But, there’s more to Facebook that makes it the king of digital marketing: its targeting capabilities far exceed those of Google AdWords …

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What Facebook Ads Work Best?

When it comes to Facebook marketing, one-size-fits-all approach does not work. The only way to know which Facebook ads are going to work best for your business depends on your goals, your audience, and your unique business offerings. For the best results, the Facebook ad formats that are going to work best for your business will depend on the objectives …

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How Can Facebook Marketing Help My Business?

Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms not just in Australia, but globally, with more than half of all Aussies on the platform. If you own and operate a small business, Facebook’s detailed and sophisticated marketing platform can be an excellent way to increase your brand awareness and reach. Facebook allows you to create and launch ads in …

facebook marketing

Does Facebook Marketing Work?

Social media marketing has become a critical part of any online or offline business’s marketing plans. After all, more than half of Australia’s entire population uses Facebook. For marketers to reach their target audience members on a consistent basis, marketers have to go where those audience members are hanging out online.

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What Is Google Ads Parallel Tracking?

The world today moves at the speed of light. Fast food, fast services, fast transportation – everything must happen at a rapid pace, or we lose our patience. A one second delay is enough to make us close a website in frustration. But, you’ve probably learned that the hard way.

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How To Get Google Ads On My Website?

Here’s one great method to make more money online: convince Google to pay you. Does it sound intriguing? We’ll go on. Yes, you can get Google pays publishers through its Google Adsense Service. It’s an excellent way to get ads on your site and increase your revenue. However, there is a lot you need to know about Google Adsense before …