Can SEO Help Your Business?

We marketers like to praise SEO (search engine optimisation) for its amazing effects, and how crucial it is in the world of digital marketing. But, unless your small business deals with it on a daily basis, we get why you may not think it’s that great. SEO refers to the process of getting web pages in top shape so that …

Can SEO Keywords Be Phrases?

Ah, yes, a question that many marketers have on their mind: can we use full words or phrases instead of keywords when it comes to SEO? It’s a natural question, especially since we now understand one key thing about internet users. Whenever people turn to search engines, for whatever reason, they are more likely to type in the full phrase …

Are SEO Companies Worth It?

Asking an SEO company in Sydney if paying for SEO is worth it is like asking Coca Cola if carbonated drinks are good for your health. We get that you may be frowning a bit now reading what we just wrote. There’s just no way Australian Internet Advertising is going to badmouth SEO companies. But, hear us out.

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Are Seo Keywords Important?

When it comes to internet marketing, the only rule is that rules don’t tend to stay in place for too long. As soon as you’re starting to get the hang of all this search engine optimization stuff, Google tweaks its algorithm, and you’re back to the drawing board. But, no other topic is as debated as the importance of SEO …

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Are SEO and SEM the Same Thing?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) can sometimes be confusing terms, and it’s not uncommon for people to use them interchangeably. It’s most likely why a lot of people don’t even believe there is a difference between the two. But that’s not the case, not by a long shot.

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Are SEO Companies Worth the Money?

If you have an online business or a blog, then you probably know by now that SEO is of the essence. If you’ve ignored this aspect of digital marketing so far, then it may be the reason behind your relatively poor performance. If you’ve been struggling to get it right but haven’t seen any significant result yet, then it may …

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Promote Your Small Business with Google Ads from AIAD

There are more than 3.5 billion searches on Google every single day. With a professional, optimised Google ads campaign, you can get your small business in front of qualified leads quickly, efficiently, and within your budget. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just big companies who are having success with Google. Even small businesses with modest marketing budgets can take …

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Do Google Ads Work for Small Businesses?

Small business owners and their marketing personnel often believe that only the big companies can use Google ads campaigns effectively. But that simply isn’t true. Businesses of all sizes can take advantage of Google’s advertising platform. In fact, Google ads may be the most economical advertising platforms for small businesses. But why are Google ads an excellent choice for small …