How Can AdWords Hurt My Business

How Can AdWords Hurt My Business

A few years back, The New York Times made a big splash in the digital space with a bold article that claimed Google AdWords isn’t practical for small businesses. Their point was pretty valid: in today’s overcrowded and competitive market, consumers are becoming pickier than ever before. Ranking high in search results is becoming increasingly difficult, and costs are adding …


How Can AdWords Help My Business

What are the first things that come to mind when you think about digital marketing? Most probably, content marketing channels, video ads, and social media pop to mind and, of course, the crown jewel of search results marketing – Google AdWords campaigns.

how to imporve my adwords

How Can AdWords Be Improved

By now, you’re probably well aware of the benefits Google AdWords account can bring. Reports have shown that businesses make an average of $2 for every dollar invested. That’s not bad at all. However, the essential condition for this return on investment is that you create a sound strategy and set your search terms and display network ads correctly. But, …

can adwords be profitable

Can Google AdWords Be Profitable?

There are two types of people in this world: those who believe that Google AdWords pay per click works only for big businesses and those who dive head first without knowing their numbers. Both approaches are wrong.

Cant see adwords ad

Why I Can’t See My AdWords Ad And What Can I Do About It?

You’ve selected a list of relevant keywords and grouped them based on your audience’s search intent. You’ve worked hard to create compelling ad copy and optimized it to perfection. Everything is in order, and you are now eager to launch your Google AdWords account. You hit the activate button, and then you wait, and you wait, and then you wait …