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How to Optimize Your Content for Google’s Rich Answer Box

Your goal is to achieve the number one position in at least one of Google’s search results. So, you work hard to create high-quality, value-added content that is optimized both for search engines and people. But, what if we were to tell you that there’s a better option than being number one? No, we’re not talking about Google advertising.

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How to Engage Online Visitors without Being Pushy

Picture this: you’re nose-deep in a captivating article when a pop-up interrupts your reading. Or, you just landed on a new website and you are greeted by an arsenal of ads. If you are anything like us, you probably close them immediately without even reading or looking at them. After all, ads are extremely annoying, right?

9 Ways to Improve Ad Relevance in Google AdWords

So, you’ve decided to use Google AdWords to increase your sales. Congratulations, you are now among the millions of advertisers on the platform, competing for your customers’ clicks. Don’t get the wrong idea: Google advertising is an excellent tool for promoting and growing your business. Reports show that advertisers get back $2 for each $1 invested, which is a pretty …

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5 Ways the Internet of Things Will Change Online Marketing (and How to Adapt)

Envisioned in science fiction movies and literature, praised by futurologists and damned by traditionalists, the Internet of Things (IoT) is closer than we can imagine. Earlier this year, two important market players, Amazon and Google, launched devices combining entertainment with smart-home management, thus paving the way to a genuine IoT revolution. Marketers cannot, and must not, dismiss this opportunity. With …